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Common problems

Common problems

As for Fohow Oral Liquid, what effect will occur if taking one box?

We recommend that the patients should take 15 days as one period of treatment and it is better to take for two periods. If you have any question on our products, you can start from one box.

  1. Anti-fatigue: It is very easy to become tired when driving, playing Majiang and work overnight. Drinking one bottle of this product will help you recover from fatigue. This product is also applicable to athletes who have too much exercise every day.
  1. Improve Sleeping Quality: the ganoderma lucidum can smoothen our nerves, so it can improve our sleeping quality if we have it before sleeping. Particularly, Fohow Oral Liquid can have double-way action by balancing our organism not dependent on hormone or caffeine or sleeping ingredients. Meanwhile, Fohow Oral Liquid has also double-way action on blood pressure and blood sugar.
  1. Resistance to Cold: At the beginning of a cold, taking two bottles of this product can get rid of the cold.
  1. Wine Detoxification: before drinking wine, take one or two bottles, you can drink more. If taking it after drinking wine, it can help you relieve the headache,
  1. Relief of Coughing and Asthma: If you keep coughing after catching cold or suffers trachetitis and bronchtitis, please take two bottles per days in the morning and the in the evening respectively. You will see what happens after taking one box (for continuous use). For children who keep coughing, take one bottle per day, half in the morning and another half in the evening.

What is the difference between Fohow Oral Liquid and other cordyceps liquid produced by others?

  • Firstly, the formula is different. Fohow’s formula is provided by Professor Tang Youzhi, which has been verified by time and many people, and is recognized as the best thing by the governmental heads and the world champions
  • Secondly, the materials used are different. Every material must be subject to our strict selection and pass our inspections. The cordyceps contained in Fohow Orial Liquid comes from Qinghai Province because Qinghai is the best place for the cordyceps. We alsl impose strict requirement for the time of collection. We only collect cordyceps in May at the end of spring. We store the cordyceps collected in a low-temperature conditions so as to keep its activity. In addition, we always use the best material to make products although it is high, but it can satisfy our requirements and ensure the quality. In addition to the cordyceps, we add some peculiar things such as the ganoderma lucidum, dried mushroom, ginseng and astragalus root. We have developed strict requirements for the place of origin and the product quality.
  • Thirdly, the technologies used are different. We have adopted low-temperature extraction technology, cell-wall breaking technology and hypo-nano high-pressure filming technology. These technologies have ensured our product quality, enabling our products to be in the leading position in the market. The so-called low-temperature extraction technology is that we extract the active ingredients in a low-temperature environment so that the active ingredients will not loose their activity. The cell wall breaking technology is used to break the cell walls of the cordyceps to make the active ingredients inside the cordyceps flow out so that our body can absorb such ingredients easily. The hypo-nano high-pressure filming technology is developed by us, which is used in Fohow Oral Liquid, enabling our product not be oxidized and providing us with high activity and easier to be stored. With this technology, the liquid will not become black. We use the hypo-nano technology to obtain the high-viscosity collagen protein from the deep-sea fishes. This kind of collagen protein can be used for filming the cordyceps liquid under the high-pressure and low-temperature conditions so that the thin film will be formed to protect the product from being oxidized. The experiments show that this technology can increase the resistance to oxidization by 80%. Comparing with the products of same kind, Fohow Oral Liquid contains more active substances and is more stable and obvious to human being.
  • Fourthly, Fohow cares about the details and keep improving. We focus on every detail in the production process. You can see our attention on every link to the quality. The bottles used are specific for us, which are 3mm higher than the common one, so that we can provide our customer more benefits. On the other hand, we can avoid the counterfeit. As we know, the common bottles can only contain 28ml in stead of 30ml, but our bottle can really contain 30ml. As we have to spend more on the molds of the bottle, the cost for counterfeit will be higher so that some small manufacturers will stop the infringement. Our sucker is also different. Our sucker is longer and harder, so it is expensive. What will you benefit from such suckers? It can be easily inserted in the bottles. Our package is also different. In one word, we just want to use the best materials to make the best products.

The details is the reflection of the responsibility sense of an enterprise. Only the responsible company can make the best and the biggest company. Fohow has such responsibility, who would like to operate Fohow’s business with care and the spirit of continual improvement. This is also the spirit of Fohow.

Why do we say Six-flavor Tea is life-like health preservation product?
Fohow Six-flavor Tea is the fruit of long time untiring effort of professional group in Fohow health preservation research institute. It is comprised of Pu-erh tea (longer than 3 years), radix astragali, salvia miltiorrhiza, pentapnax leschenaultii, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, with certain ration and modern technology. So six-flavor Tea is life-like health preservation product.

Pu-erh tea: relieving sore throat and helping digestion, losing weights and lower the blood-fat, detoxifying the body and preventing diseases; radix astragali: nourishing one's vitality, elmination of toxicant and diuresis; salvia miltiorrhiza: invigorating blood circulation and activating blood stasis, detumescence and pain-killer; pentapnax leschenaultia: preventing and anti-cancer, lowering blood-fat and maintaining beauty; chrysanthemum: calming liver and clearing the eyes, winding heat and reducing fever; honeysuckle: clearing away heat and toxic material, cooling the blood and removing blood stasis.

Taking Six-flavor Tea before and after the dinner can reduce the intake of the fat, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and help the body digest and absorb the fat to prevent it from accumulating in the body, thus realize the effect of preventing obesity. To the smokers, it has the effect of cooling blood and relieving the sore throat, thus prevents the respiratory system disease and chronic bronchitis. Also since six-flavor Tea has effect of the elmination of toxicant and diuresis, it can relieve the burden of liver and kidney, thus reduce the outbreak of cancer.

What is Sanqing Oral Clearance?

Clean intestine, toxin and blood lipid.
  1. Why to clean intestine? The length of human’s intestine is about five to six meters with a fold every 3.5 cm (there are about 100 folds in the whole intestine). These folds can store, at most, 6 Jin of food residue, which will ferment, decay and become black, toxic substance (inveterate excrement) with fetor. If these decayed substances will not be discharged, they will be absorbed by the intestine into the body.
  1. Why to clean toxin?(1) External cause: 1) air----atmospheric pollution (dust, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile matter of coal and oil burning), the heavy pollution within the room, the formaldehyde of 80% families’ home decoration is over; 2) Water----heavy pollution (industrial wastewater, especially the toxic wastewater, can not be dealt with well, pollution of water resource, etc.); 3) Foods----pesticide residue (fruits, grain, vegetables, tea, etc.), overuse of fertilizer, the growth stage of poultry’s fodder consumption is shorten, etc. (2) internal cause: 1) a large amount of metabolic waste forms heat toxin, cold toxin, epidemic toxin, various of heavy metal ions, etc. that will sediment within the body; 2) the change of physiologic factors and psychological factors leads to endocrine disorders, that will cause mental uneasiness, wingding, lung-fire, stomach-fire, etc. and bring about the appearance of constipation, acne, whelk, freckle, adiposity, etc.
  1. Why to clean blood lipid? The people eat too much high-fat food (meat and greasy food) due to the improvement of the living level, which makes the fat accumulate continuously in the blood and the viscosity increase constantly. Therefore cardiovascular disease (cerebral apoplexy, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death and high blood pressure) become the first killer for the human. The number of the people who are suffering from diabetes, fatty liver, hepatocirrhosis, gallstone and obesity is increasing.

Characteristics of Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid

There are mainly three materials: black ant, caterpillar fungus and ginseng. The function of it is to supplement calcium, zinc and amino acid, and improve essence of life, vital energy and spirit.

Caterpillar fungus is a kind of plant people are familiar with and has been introduced in details before. Ginseng has the function of resisting fatigue and nourishes people’s vitality and strengthens Yang. Ant is a more miraculous animal.

Ant has a special great vitality and adaptability, which is mainly manifested by: the ant was found in the amber one hundred million years ago, however, its shape has no difference from the ant of today. It has a long life: generally speaking, an ergate can live for five years, and the queen can live for twenty years. While insects like bees and grasshoppers only have a few months of life, it is rheumatoid-resistant because it is always living in the damp and wet carve all the years, but working all the day without getting trouble of the rheumatalgia. It is bacteria-resistant——the ants always have the rotted animals and plants. The scientists also did some experiments by feeding the ants with different kinds of viruses and disease germs, but the result is that the ants did not get infectious disease. It is of ample strength and not easy to get weary, for the ant can uphold the object which weighs much heavier than itself and continue working without a bit of inexhaustibility. Surprisingly, the ant is said to be too fond of sugar, but never to have diabetes. In ants, there must be some special objects that have special effects on life. Otherwise, why do they have such vitality?

In China, it has been more than a thousand years since the ant was used to cure many diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. The diseases contain rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, hepatic disease, kidney disease and diabetes and so on. The modern medical research has found that in black thorny ant, protein takes 40-55%, 14 kinds of minor elements which are indispensable for people and 19 kinds of amino acids are included; also, it is rich in vitamin A, B1、B2、B12 and vitamin C、D、E; There are also calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, selenium and zinc in inorganic salt, especially the content of zinc is the most. At the same time, active polypeptide ingredients are also found to improve disease-resistant and fatigue-resistant abilities of organism.

Football players always perform better in the home field than in the visiting field. Researchers have found the dosage of andrusol in the players who perform in the home field is remarkably more than that in the visiting field, the reason for which is that a high degree of excitement makes people secrete more andrusol. In view of this, our researchers found that under the temperatures below three to five degree, the ant can secrete much more peptides substances.

Therefore, if we make process of the living ants we bought as material under the circumstance of three or five below temperature, we will gain more bioactivator. After breaking the wall of the cell of the materials like ants, caterpillar fungus and ginseng with technology of nanometer and then extracting and making oxidation resistance of peritoneum in low temperatures, we can get the medicine oral liquid.

Sanbao Oral liquid not only can supplement the components like calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamin, amino acids and protein, but also can replenish essence, make air supply and refresh a person. What is more, it has special effects in improving such diseases as rheumatalgia, hepatitis, cervical vertebra disease and low sexuality in males and females.

Three objects are indispensable in the nature, they are sun, moon and stars, but for people, they are essence, vitality and spirit, which Fohow Sanbao oral liquid can provide for you.