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Fohow Laser Therapy Instrument

Fohow Laser Therapy Instrument

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The Five Main Functions:

  1. Blood cleansing, reducing blood cholesterol
  2. Preventing and dissolving the thrombosis, softening blood vessels
  3. Two-way blood pressure regulation function.
  4. Improving brain, heart and lung functions.
  5. Enhancing body immunity and improving sub health condition.

Why can laser light cure diseases?

The wave length of laser light determines the role it plays. Laser light when changed to 650 NM through semi –conductor emitter, is called by medical scientists Soft Laser Light, Golden Wave Length or light of Life. This kind of laser light is harmless to human being. In medicine, it is called Low-intensity Laser Irradiation for Blood-cleansing.

It cures the following diseases:

  • Hyper viscosity
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Hyper lipaemia
  • Apoplexy
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Thrombosis
  • Cardio-cerebral vascular diseases

Four Advantages:

  • Short: The time of treatment is short, only 30 minutes for a daily treatment.
  • Economic: It’s not expensive at all. It costs you only a few Pesewa a day.
  • Reliable: It can effectively relieve the disease.
  • Fast: After using for 30 minutes, you can quickly see the result.

Q: Why cardio-cerebral vascular diseases are the No.1 killer of human health?

A: According to the World Health Organization (WHO); 16 million people worldwide die every year from cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular diseases, accounting for 60.7% of the total mortality. According to China’s Ministry of Health, the latest statistics show that there are approximately more than 100 million hypertensive patients, an annual increase of 10 million people or more, while there are more than 500 million people of apoplexy (stroke) patients, the annual incidence of more than 150 million people, 10 million patients with coronary heart disease die annually from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. About 260 million deaths represent an average of 6 deaths per minute.

So, cardio-cerebral vascular disease is the No.1 killer of human health.

Q: What is cardio-cerebral vascular disease?

A: Cardio-cerebrovascular disease is a generic name for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The main cardiovascular disease is coronary heart disease; it is also known as coronary arteriosclerosis type of heart disease. It is due to the hardening of coronary artery supplying blood to the cardiac muscle, leading to the narrowing of the blood artery. The narrowness of the vein cavity due to pathological changes of coronary artery and a blocking clinical symptom, in terms of duration and intensity are not identical, therefore it can appear to be recessive heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction, arterial sclerosis, and sudden death due to heart disease, etc.  Cerebrovascular disease occurs when the cerebral vein fracture or brain hemorrhage caused by the formation of thrombosis, which is commonly referred to as apoplexy or stroke. This kind of disease is commonly seen in adult patients in an acute form. The most serious patients can have consciousness obstruction and pantomime paralysis. It is the main cause of adult death and deformity on human beings. According to recent clinical data, apoplexy incidence is becoming more and more juvenile. A 20 years old teenager having apoplexy symptom is becoming more and more common.

Q: What are the reasons that cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

A: The cardio-cerebrovascular diseases are mainly caused by arteriosclerosis. The most direct reason causing arteriosclerosis is hyper lipemia, blood intoxication or the presence of toxic substances in the blood. The process of its development is as follow: blood pollution-hyper lipemia-arteriosclerosis-hyper tension-poor blood supply to the heart and cardio cerebrovascular accident (apoplexy or coronary heart disease). Therefore preventing hyper lipemia and arteriosclerosis is tantamount to the prevention of cardio cerebrovascular disease and cardio cerebrovascular accident.

Q: How does Fohow Laser therapy instrument treat cardio-cerebrovascular diseases?

A: Fohow Laser Therapy instrument uses low-intensity laser irradiation through the nasal cavity to pour in the blood stream into the monochromatic low-energy photons in order to promote the dissolution of blood cholesterol and the enzyme of cholesterol (example: lipoprotein protease, the conversion of cholesterol into enzyme etc); thus eliminating the cholesterol layer outside the red blood cells, restoring effectively its ability of ventilation, increasing the transport ability of the red blood cells. At the same time, the external wrapping of the red blood cells layer is taken off, restoring red blood cells external negative electric charge, increasing the mutual repulsion force, making the formally assembled block of red blood cells scattered. It can also change the blood protein (enzyme and other functions of protein) molecular structure, through the role of laser chemistry, having physiological effect on the production of organism, thus producing the role of curing cardio cerebrovascular diseases.

Q: How to use Fohow laser therapy instrument for the treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease?

A: In the process of treatment, the duration of the treatment depends on the seriousness of the disease, the different causes of the disease and physical differences. Adjustment should be made in terms of time and function. Ordinarily, the most commonly used power is 5mW, the treatment time is 30 minutes, one treatment a day is sufficient. If the course of the disease is relatively long or the patient condition relatively serious, you can increase the time of treatment to 99 minutes. For weak patients, you should start with a short time low power in proper sequence to progress gradually in the treatment. In case of healthcare protection, you can use 30 minutes, 1-3mW power once a day. There is a limit on the frequency of treatment; the treatment effect does not increase in direct proportion with the frequency of treatment. After reaching the maximum value, increasing the frequency of treatment, the reaction role can be weakened; can even become an inhibiting role. Most of the time, the physiological effect of low intensity laser start increasing gradually from the third day on, will reach its climax between the 10-15th day, under irradiation. The effect can gradually fall off to the extent of inhibition. Therefore the length of an ordinary treatment range from 10 to 15 days, you should rest 5 to 7 days in between and then continue with the second treatment.

Q: Are there any side effects in using Fohow laser therapy instrument?

A:  The Laser treatment instrument has no side effect. It uses a particular laser wavelength of 650nm, it is classified as a low-energy laser, and the energy carried by the laser can be effectively absorbed by human body. The power density of its irradiation is far smaller than the damage threshold value of the body and blood; it can penetrate the skin of human body, the vein wall and other tissues. It doesn’t harm the tissues and cells of human body. The irradiation can not cause any damage to the organism.

Q: What disease can be caused by blood viscosity?

A: Blood viscosity can cause blood vessel blockage, blood vessel initial damage, hardening of the arteries, affecting the blood oxygen supply to various organs and tissues of the body and the absorption of nutriments. At the same time, the blood garbage is not able to be discharged, creating accumulation leading to cardio cerebrovascular disease, fatty liver diabetes mellitus, intestines and stomach disorders, etc. In the long run, it can result in cardio cerebrovascular accidents, such as cardiac infarction, cerebral infarction, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, cerebral apoplexy etc.

Q:  How can Fohow laser therapy instrument prevent and cure atherosclerosis?

A: After the laser irradiation of the blood, the irregularity of fat metabolism can be effectively corrected, by preserving the balance level of body metabolism, the normalization of the ratio of phosphorus. It increases the stability of high cholesterol and the fluidity of the membrane, at the same time fight against free radical and the damages caused by the hyper oxidation. It accelerates the illumination of free radical by reducing the damage to the vein wall and through the decrease of viscosity coefficient, reduces fat, the accumulation of fat and blood platelet, improving thereby the condition of arteriosclerosis.    

Q: Some patients after using Fohow laser therapy instrument for some time, why is it that the blood pressure or blood sugar has not decreased but has rather risen up?

A: Under normal circumstances, after using it for three to six months, the patient can notice improvement in all indicators. However, due to individual physical differences, after using the laser for sometime, the metabolic product of fat dissolution in the body and the sediment on the vein wall in the exterior of the red blood cell can be dissolved in large quantity, and the substance derived from the dissolution will undergo a second metabolic process in the blood. This process can increase the fat content of the blood thus, causing temporarily blood pressure, blood fat or even blood sugar hoist. This in reality is a revolving process. After the metabolic balance, all indicators can be restored to normal, therefore be assured to use it.     

Q: After the dissolution of lipid plaques, can Fohow laser therapy instrument cause cerebral hemorrhage?

A: The reason of the dissolution of lipid plaque is stems from the heat energy of laser production and the laser chemical reaction. Laser luminous energy can simultaneously improve blood circulation, dissolve blood lipid plaques and soften blood veins. It can also strengthen the flexibility of the vein wall, and prevent the vein from damage. Therefore it can not entail cerebral hemorrhage.  

Q: Laser therapy instrument is able to dissolve the accumulation blood garbage, the surface lipid layer and blood vessel wall deposition, then where have the dissolved matters all gone? 

A: Nasal cavity laser irradiation can activate a variety of enzymes in the blood of the body, is conductive to the synthesis and increase of various enzymes. Such as lipoprotein lipase, cholesterol, body fat-converting into enzyme. The blood garbage, the cholesterol deposited on the red blood surface and in the vessel wall turn into oxidized fatty acid. The oxidization of fatty acid turns into acetyl coenzyme A then to citrate. A small part of the final product is CO2 and water+-P(high energy acid key) breaks down into acetone, and is then transformed by the liver into energy for the usage of other organs, most part is discharged out of the body by metabolism,whereas a small part is being absorbed by human body.

Q: Will the dissolved red blood cells be wrapped by adipose layer again?

A: Yes, the red blood cells will be wrapped in layers of adipose again, just as you need to brush your teeth everyday as well, so regular use of Fohow laser therapy instrument is even advisable.

Q: Why will disease reaction appear?

A: Fohow laser therapy instrument is the physical therapy of the blood wash outside the body during the process of in vitro nasal wash. It is not a medicine, therefore there is no allergic reaction related to it as compared to drugs. It is only photons with various blood components and biological effects of photochemical reactions. It has a role of promoting blood circulation and excreting free radical in a short and quiet process of metabolism. They are new toxins and wastes to excrete out of the body. At the same time, the accumulation of toxins due to previous disease should also be discharge out the body. This will certainly mobilize all the viscera and organs. Therefore the viscera and organ have been undergoing an adjustment process. However, there could be individual viscera or organ which appear some irregularities. Those showing improvement imply that the quantum, after being absorbed by blood molecule, has played a role in the body, but not everyone will react positively.

Q: In the course of treatment, reactions will appear several times, how to avoid or mitigate them?

A: Due to the difference in physical constitution and diseases, each individual shows different reaction to disease. Different phenomena can recurrently happen. When the disease reaction occurs, please remember to drink some water. That can speed the metabolism and detoxification, reduce and shorten the reaction time and improve the condition of the patient. If necessary, the treatment power can be reduced.

Q: After using instrument for a period of time, which group of people is likely to appear disease reactions and what are the symptoms thereof?

A: During the practical process of usage, the sickly people, those suffering from excess of fatigue, with relatively low liver and kidney functions are, obese and overfed people are more likely to appear disease reaction. The most common symptoms are: dry mouth, dry eye, decrease of sight, cough, sore throat, tiredness, dizziness, rash, tachycardia, headache, arthritis, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipemia, etc. And there are many others considered as symptoms of improvement reactions.

Q: After using Fohow laser therapy instrument, will there be any change in the amount of white blood cells and platelets? Will there be an increase or not?

A: The laser power density is far smaller than the damage threshold of the body and blood; it will not damage any component of blood. The reduction of platelet aggregation by laser irradiation would not reduce the number of platelet. According to medical research laser irradiation of blood can increase the phagocytes’ function of leukocytes, thereby enhancing immunity.

Q: How long will it take to lower blood viscosity, blood cholesterol and blood sugar? The use of medicines can be stopped for how long? Can it relapse after stopping the treatment?

A: (1) 30 minutes of blood viscosity treatment can make clear improvement. The lining of some red blood cells are not apparent, but the activity of red blood cells has increased. Due to the structural difference between individuals, certain persons may need a longer time of treatment.

The lowering of blood cholesterol needs 7 to 30 days of treatment to be effective, depending on individuals. For the lowering of blood sugar, mainly referring to diabetes II, ordinarily, 30 minutes are enough to see clear improvement.

(2) Replacing treatment by drugs needs a certain time, when the effect of the treatment is obvious, on the basis of periodical test, you can gradually reduce the quantity of medicine. The result is always stable even during the process of reduction. You can gradually reduce the intake of drugs. However, before taking any measure, one should always consult the doctor. In case of any change in the lifestyle, relapse may happen. We hope that the patient who uses the present instrument, will at the same develop regular good habits of life.

Q: Can Fohow Laser Instrument replace treatment by drugs?

A: Fohow Laser Instrument can play a good role in the treatment and prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular disease. After a long clinical treatment, when testing indicators are fundamentally in normal conditions, in order to reduce the toxic side effects of medicines, under the direction of the hospital, you can gradually reduce or stop the use of medicines. Remarks: patient must go about it gradually. It must be done under the supervision of medical authority. You can not reduce or stop by heart.

Q: After using of Fohow laser therapy instrument for some time, if there is a relapse or the result is not obvious what should you do?


  1. First, check whether the nasal cavity and the outlet of the laser are clean so as to prevent decrease and damage of the light.
  2. If the lifestyle has been changed recently, or if there is external influence.
  3. During the treatment, when the body treatment reaches a certain balance, if the result is not obvious, this doesn’t imply that the machine is not working anymore. At that moment, you should keep on using it.

Q: Fohow laser therapy instrument treatment is likely to bring which change to the structure of white blood cells and blood platelets, can they reduce in number?

A: The laser light power density is far smaller than the damaged value of organism and platelets, therefore can not damage any component of the blood. During the accumulation of blood platelets, use laser light to reduce the accumulation of blood platelets, but you can not reduce the quantity of blood platelets. Studies of Medical Laser Research Center have demonstrated that the irradiation of blood can increase the swallowing function of white blood cells, thereby increase the immunity of the organism.

Q: Why after using Fohow laser therapy instrument appear dry mouth and dry eye conditions?

A: The photon quantum in the laser is absorbed by blood elements, generating photochemistry reaction, activating all kinds of enzymes. It is profitable for the synthesis of all enzymes. Among which is a gall alkali ester which can excite the sympathetic nerve to inhibit the parasympathetic nerve. When the degree of excitement of sympathetic nerve is higher than that of parasympathetic nerve, this can inhibit gland secretion; the most sensitive ones are the sweat gland and the saliva gland causing dry mouth, thirst. It appears at the same time enlargement of the pupil, misty sight, eye pressure increase and arrhythmia.

Q: Why certain persons do not show any symptomatic improvement, but we can really see that there is a change in the cell under the microscope?

A: This is because the degree of sensitivity is different in each person. It is also related to the duration of the health status, improvement in long disease is relatively slow. Even though there is an improvement in the blood of some people under the microscope, but the symptoms have not disappeared, which means that the time is very short. When the blood improves to a certain extent, the symptoms will naturally vanish.

Q: During the use of Fohow Laser Therapy Instrument, which precautions should we take?


  1. Drink more water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits are good for detoxification, excretion and metabolism.
  2. Do not take vitamin complex C, formation of toxins can occur after laser irradiation.
  3. Peaceful mindset, stop smoking cigarette and reduce alcohol consumption, eat moderately.
  4. In the process of body metabolism, if hypertension, cholesterol, instable blood sugar appear, you should immediately combine the usage of medicines.

Q: Who should choose Fohow Laser Therapy Instrument?

A: In case of hyperlipemia, hypertension, hyper viscosity, hyperglycemia:

  • Arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris:
  • Headache, dizziness, stuffiness of chest, insomnia, tinnitus, weakness, mental depression, etc: need to increase the immune system, retard senility and improve sub health status patients’ conditions.

Q: What are the taboos of Fohow Laser Therapy Instrument?

A: The taboos of Fohow Laser Therapy Instrument are: In case of malignant tumor, bradycardia, allergy to light, emergency patient, bleeding disease (brain hemorrhage, digestive tract bleeding, bleeding of genitals, gynecological bleeding, blood disease, reduction of blood platelets, hemophilia, etc.). The above mentioned patients should not use this instrument.

The Five features of curing diseases and five treatments (according to laser therapist Professor Zhu Ping)

  1. Laser bio-thermal effect: changes the nature of blood rheology, softens the blood vessel.
  2. Laser bio-electromagnetic effect: Prevents and breaks the formation of blood clot and reduces blood lipid.
  3. Laser bio-pressure effect: stimulates nerve to promote blood circulation and dissolve thrombosis
  4. Laser bio-stimulation effect: regulates nerve to promote insulin and regulates blood sugar.
  5. Laser photochemical reactions and biological reactions: activates immunocyte and regulates immunity.   

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