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Fohow Royal Herbarty Cosmetic Skin Care Set

Fohow Royal Herbarty Cosmetic Skin Care Set

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The scientists of FOHOW Yang-sheng Research Institute, guided by secret rejuvenation recipes of the imperial house, developed natural cosmetics based on plant and herbs extracts. The recipe of the product is a layer of knowledge about TCM rejuvenation and maintaining skin beauty, which was handed down for centuries from generation to generation of emperors! FOHOW Cosmetics is a unique product that allows you to return your skin to its natural, pristine condition!

Beauty is a special yang-sheng skin care, it is the wisdom and knowledge of  FOHOW specialists about maintaining health and beauty of your skin! We offer you a completely new concept of healing and rejuvenation of the skin with natural ingredients of FOHOW cosmetics!

According to TCM theory, healthy and beautiful skin is a result of internal and external balance. When the balance of Yin-Yang in a body is reached, the aging process of the skin slows down, and beauty starts to come from the inside.

The main natural ingredients of the cosmetics are obtained using high-precision technology of extraction from plants and herbs and are made in accordance with the prescriptions of TCM, carefully selected on the basis of scientific achievements. FOHOW cosmetics has an obvious effect on the restoration and maintenance of water balance of the skin, skin tightening, wrinkle removal and slowing down the aging process of the skin. The effect of the product is directed not only at the improvement, but also at skin rejuvenation. FOHOW Cosmetics:  youth and beauty for a long time!

Inside and outside beauty.

Skincare FOHOW HERBARTY Cosmetics is designed and manufactured with secret recipes of the imperial house, which were handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years! Natural extracts of plants and herbs quickly and effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, contributing to the regulation and restoring these inner layers. The action of the product is accented by boosting immunity and regenerative capacity of skin cells, maintaining the balance of metabolic processes in the skin cells, strengthening their individual functions, achieving optimal physiological balance. Thus, due to FOHOW cosmetics the aging process of the skin slows effectively, skin imperfections are eliminated, achieving the balance of inside and outside beauty.

Beautiful and healthy skin comes from regular care that begins with cleansing and moisturizing.

FOHOW Corporation proudly presents the cosmetic complex, which maintains the natural balance of skin hydration. The complex consists of 5 individual components: cleansing and hydrating gel, hydrating tonic, lifting essence, hydrating lotion and a moisturizer. This is the set for every day basic skin care. We also offer you the anti-wrinkle cream, which is a unique distillation of TCM herbs and plants (ginseng, etc.). It effectively reduces wrinkles around the eyes and restores the skin, improves firmness and elasticity, returning youth and shining to the skin.

Natural components. Luxury care for your skin. Complex hydration care. Natural shining.

After one day of using: 96% of women showed softer and more humidified skin, 92% of women reported of more elastic skin.

After one week of using: 98% of women said their skin has become soft, smooth and elastic!

After three weeks of using: 97% of women said that their skin is moisturized and richly saturated, the facial (epidermal) wrinkles has decreased in number!

HERBARTY Cosmetics: an effective prevention of skin aging.

Just 5- minute-daily care will give your skin a second youth and radiance! Minimal time for maximal effect.

Simple and easy way to everyday care

Serial skincare cosmetics Fohow Herbarty returns your skin to a second youth and gives radiance to it.

  1. Cleansing: Gently cleanses the skin of impurities, without drying it.
  2. Preparation for subsequent skin care: Quickly saturates and moisturizes the skin, preparing it for follow-up care.
  3. Ultra-hydration: Retains moisture and nutrients, increasing the resistance of the skin to external irritations.

The set includes 5 types of products

  1. Cleansing and hydrating skin gel “Royal care” (FC12A)
  2. Hydrating tonic “Royal care” (FC12B)
  3. Lifting essence “Royal care” (FC12C)
  4. Hydrating lotion “Royal care” (FC12D)
  5. Moisturizer “Royal care” (FC12E)

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Use FC12A to clean the deep layers of your skin and to regulate its water-lipid balance;
  2. Use FC12B to restore hydration in the deeper layers of your skin and activate cell activity;
  3. Use FC12C to restore collagen levels and nutrients in cells, improving skin elasticity;
  4. Use FC12D to moisturize and nourish your skin, and to improve the skin’s ability to retain hydration, for long-term maintenance of moisture;
  5. Use FC12E to retain hydration in the deeper layers of the skin, creating a protective moisturizing film on the surface of your skin, for long-term skin hydration, to saturate with moisture the inner and outer layers of your skin.

Note: Close the cap of the bottle tightly after use, store in a dark, cool place, protected from light and away from children. Avoid contact with eyes, do not apply to injured skin (e.g., wounds, eczema, etc.). Do not use this product along with the cosmetics of other purposes, in case of discomfort temporarily stop using the product and consult a specialist.

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