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Health Care Theories of Fohow

Posted by Fohow LTD 20/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

Health Care Theories of FohowIn the 5,500-year recorded history of TCM, forefathers developed broad and profound health care cultures during the process of going in for health and long life. By inheriting the health care culture of TCM and in many years of practice, Fohow Group developed three major health care theories based on different health care approaches and methods: mental health care, behavioral health care and dietary health care.

1. Mental Health Care: To maintain health by means of mental regulation;

2. Behavioral Health Care: To maintain health by means of purposeful behaviors;

3. Dietary Health Care: To maintain health by means of dietary regulation.Dietary health care focuses on “homology of medicine and food”, which emphasizes natural and safe medicinal materials as well as reasonable combination of food materials.

Fohow’s dietary health care theory consists of three series: “Regulating”, “Clearing” and “Supplementing”.

RegulatingRegulating Yin and Yang to maintain balance and harmony between them, and regulating the Five Elements to maintain regular and ordered opeation.

 “Regulating” in Dietary Health Care: To comprehensively regulate the balance of Yin & Yang and the regularity of the Five Elements based on TCM theories.

 The purpose of regulating is to build up energy and spirit.

Clearing: Clearing away excessive things.

“Clearing” in Dietary Health Care: To clear way heat, toxicity, excessive blood fat, thrombus, and so on.

 The purpose of clearing is to eliminate the factors that have adverse impact on energy and spirit.

Supplementing: Supplementing insufficient things.

“Supplementing” in Dietary Health Care: To supplement mineral substances needed by human body such as calcium and zinc, to supplement various nourishments such as protein, amino acid and vitamins, and to tonify elements in TCM sense, such as blood, lung, kidney, energy and spirit.

The purpose of supplementing is to tonify energy and spirit.

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