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Posted by Fohow LTD 25/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

LinchzhiLinchzhi (Lingzhi, Reishi, Ganoderma Brilliant, Ganoderma Lucidum) grows on roots and trunks of certain kinds of fallen trees.


The chemical compound of this mushroom is very rich: the proteins contain all irreplaceable and the most widespread replaceable amino acids and amides. The fats basically contain non-saturated fat acids. The mushrooms are vitamin-rich (mainly C and D) and minerals (in particular, calcium, phosphorus and iron). Linchzhi contains the most active polysaccharides among all herbs. Only this kind of mushroom is a source of the triterpenoid group (ganoderic acid), having the molecular structure similar to steroid hormones. The ganoderic acids have antiallergenic effect and improve the absorption of oxygen.


The research of medical mushrooms has shown that their anticancer effect is related to the polysaccharides and fat substances contained in them and which are probably ergosterines. The Linchzhi differs from many other curative mushrooms since it contains not only active antineoplastic polysaccharides, but also so-called terpenoids which raise resistibility to stress, potentiate the effect of superoxide dismutase, prevent accumulation of free radicals.


The specific polysaccharides effect becomes apparent in the activation of macrophages and T­lymphocytes stimulation of interferon and general improvement of the immune response at the cellular level. They do not have any toxic influence on human organism and they are safe from the medical point of view. The degree of the damaged immune system’s restoration, including those suffering from AIDS, and the antineoplastic activity, depends on the duration of therapy using Linchzhi.


Linchzhi is considered both a tonic and an adaptogenic preparation.


As a tonic it strengthens the organism, and as an adaptogen it assists in adaptation to stress. Linchzhi is a natural adaptogen, improving health and assuring the normal functioning of organism. It not only strengthens some components of cancer patients’ immune responses, but also suppresses the pathological changes in the immune system in autoimmune diseases.


Modem laboratory and clinical researches have revealed the anti­inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobic, antiallergic and antineoplastic acting properties of Linchzhi. The Linchzhi mushroom has a special therapeutic value in upper respiratory airways (such as chronic bronchitis, etc.) diseases.


It may be concluded that Linchzhi has four main curative properties. Firstly it possesses a strong antineoplastic action. Secondly it is applicable in allergic diseases. A surprising finding has been made upon the research conducted on the chemical compound of Linchzhi at the American Cancer Institute: a substance called “lanostan” which blocks the formation of antibodies was found.


Now patients with bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases may be cured from the above diseases by means of Linchzhi. The third property is the positive effect on all lung diseases resulting from application of the preparations made out of this mushroom. And fourth – wide successful application of Linchzhi in cardiovascular diseases.

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