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Specialist Q & A

Specialist Q & A

What is life cultivation?

The significance of life cultivation lies in: Keeping healthy people optimistic, active and healthy; Regulating physical and psychological states of sub-healthy people and making them healthier; Enhancing disease resistance capacity and confidence of diseased people and making them healthy.

What is the significance of life cultivation?
Life cultivation refers to preserving life, which is intended to improve the quality of life, keep healthy and happy, and prolong the life span. Life cultivation is not simply maintaining life but an acitive, bright and interesting lifestyle.

What are modes and methods of life cultivation?
    The Chinese nation has a recorded history of 5,000 years and, in the constant pursuit of health and longtivity, profound life cultivation culture has been created by our civilized ancestors. Fohow Co., according to the difference of modes and methods, classifies life cultivation into psychological life cultivation, behavioral life cultivation and dietary life cultivation.

What is psychological life cultivation?
    Psychological life cultivation refers to a method to achieve the purpose of life cultivation by psychological adjustment.
    Fohow Co. subdivides it into:
  • Emotional life cultivation—Emotions include family affection, friendship, love, etc. Emotions are sunshine and water in life. Without the nourishment of healthy emotions, life will be like a desert.
  • Artistic life cultivation—Music, chess, calligraphy, painting and dancing are not only a pursuit but also a spiritual enjoyment.
  • Moral life cultivation—"A true gentleman is calm and at ease; the small man is fretful and ill at ease.” A broad and open mind can facilitate life cultivation, whereas considerations of gain and loss are harmful to health.
  • Religious life cultivation—To believe in a religion, e.g. Taoism, Buddhism, etc. is also a method of life cultivation and can make you forget troubles in life and obtain psychical quiet.
  • Face and body beautifying life cultivation—A beautiful face and figure can not only please others but also give yourself happiness and physical and psychological health.
What is behavioral life cultivation?
    Behavioral life cultivation refers to a method to achieve the purpose of life cultivation through behaviors with specific targets.
    Fohow Co. subdivides it into:
  •     Habitual life cultivation—A good living habit is the foundation of good health. For example, regular diet and rest, smoking and alcohol abstinence, appropriate sports, using Fohow life cultivation products, living in compliance with season changes (seasonal life cultivation) are all good living habits.
  •     Environmental life cultivation—Living where there are green mountains, clear rivers and fresh air can be very beneficial to your health. If the macro-environment cannot be changed, we can improve the micro-environement we live in. For example, products supplied by Fohow Co. can make our drinking water cleaner and the air in our rooms fresher. In addition, the harmonious teamwork atmosphere like Fohow Co. is also a kind of good life cultivation environment.
  •     Sports life cultivation—The purpose of life cultivation can be achieved by active sports such as swimming, body building, playing shadow boxing, doing breathing exercise, etc. and also passive sports such as acunpuncture, massage, scraping, etc. Biological-sensing thermal protection produts of Fohow Co., a series of passive sports life cultivation devices, can function like acunpuncture, massage and scraping and attain the effect of life cultivation by promoting blood flow, removing blood stasis and dredging meridians.

What is dietary life cultivation? What are the methods of dietary life cultivation?

    Dietary life cultivation refers to a method to achieve the purpose of life cultivation by dietary adjustment. Dietary life cultivation lays emphasis on “homology of medicine and food", on naturality and safety of materials, and also on reasonable matching and combination of food materials.

    By the adjustment methods, Fohow Co. subdivides dietary life cultivation into three aspects: regulation, purgation and replenishment or regulation-purgation-replenishment.

Regulation: Regulate the yin and yang to keep them in balance and harmony; regulate the five elements to keep them in orderly generation-restriction and operation.

Purgation: Treat excess syndrome with purgation. For example, purge the intestine, fire, toxin, blood lipid, thrombus, etc.

Replenishment: Treat deficiency syndrome with replenishment. For example, replenish calcium, zinc, vitamins, protein and invigorate the blood, the kidneys, essence, vigor and spirit.

Is the \"regulation-purgation-replenishment\" dietary life cultivation method based on theories of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?

  • Yes. The "regulation-purgation-replenishment" dietary life cultivation is the summary and abstract of the eight methods in therapeutic principles, treatment in accordance with three categories of etiologic factors, and treatment based on syndrome differentiation.
  • Eight methods in therapeutic principles refer to the eight methods for disease treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, which are documented in the Treatise on Febrile Diseases by Zhang Zhongjing, the Sage of Medicine, and include diaphoresis, emesis, purgation, mediation, warming, heat-clearing, resolution and tonification, wherein the mediation refers to regulation; the warming and tonification refer to replenishment; and the other five can be categorized into purgation.
  • A plurality of factors should be considered in application of the eight methods in therapeutic principles. In brief, the factors include treatment in accordance with three categories of etiologic factors and treatment based on syndrome differentiation. Climate, locality and individual factors manifested in healthy state are referred to as three categories of etiologic factors in TCM theories. In Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber, “to asthenia and sthenia, it’s essential to reduce the excess and supplement the deficiency”; as of the treatment based on syndrome differentiation, the eight methods are also summarized as replenishment and reduction (purgation). It is evident that, to asthenia with sthenia or sthenia with asthenia, mediation (i.e. regulation), which takes both replenishment and reduction into consideration, is needed.

How should reasonability and advancement of the

  • For automobile maintenance, we have three jobs to do. Firstly, adjust lamps, seats, brakes and the accelerator to keep them in good working state—regulation. Secondly, clear away the garbage; the job include cleaning windows and seats and also the fuel pipes and clearing carbon deposit in the engine—purgation. Thirdly, add fuel and water and charge the battery—replenishment.
  • Just like the automobile, the human body also needs the "regulation -purgation- replenishment" dietary life cultivation.
  • The regulation in dietary life cultivation refers to the comprehensive adjustment of yin-yang balance and mutual generation and restriction of the five elements with TCM theories as the basis.
  • The purgation in dietary life cultivation is a job most people in the modern society should do. In times of food shortage, people developed many diseases due to malnutrition. However, today, over-nutrition has led to obesity, hyperlipemia, hypertension, hyperglycosemia, fatty liver, etc. Now, the top killer of people’s health is cardio- and cerebro-vascular diseases caused by over-nutrition. Presence of such problems warns that we should not focus on nutrient supplement. Then what should we do? Purgation!
  • The replenishment in the dietary life cultivation raised by Fohow Co. is different from the supplement in “nutrition supplement”. We emphasize not only supplement of minerals necessary for the human body such as calcium, zinc and nutrients such as protein, vitamins, but also invigoration of blood, kidneys, lungs, essence, vigor and spirit in TCM theories.

What are essence, vigor and spirit?

  • The concepts of essence, vigor and spirit originate from the Chinese philosophy and refer to important visible and invisible matters in the human body in TCM.
  • Essence refers to the intrinsical control of the body and is the foundation and power source of life.
  • Vigor refers to the healthy energy of the body and orignates from essence. Though invisible and intangible, it runs in the body and controls the health.
  • Spirit refers to external manifestations of the health state and includes mood, behavior, temperament, complexion, etc.
  • The following example may illustrate the concepts better. The light of a shining lamp is the spirit of it. What makes it shine? It is the power, which is invisible and intangible, just like vigor of the human body. The generator, which produces power, is like the essence. When a person has sufficient essence, vigor and spirit, he will be healthy and energetic; otherwise, he will feel exhausted and develop diseases.
  • Regulation is intended to nourish the essence, the vigor and the spirit; purgation is intended to clear factors affecting the essence, the vigor and the spirit; replenishment is intended to invigorate the essence, the vigor and the spirit. When regulation cannot make us feel refreshed, we should do some work on purgation or replenishment.

How can the \"regulation -purgation- replenishment\" dietary life cultivation be simply but effectively practiced?

    The dietary life cultivation can be easily but effectively practiced by the following principle: regulation is priority and purgation and replenishment should also be taken into consideration. Regulation should be the first step; and then, on the basis of regulation, discern the symptoms and take foods for purgation or replenishment.

    In TCM, it is believed that yin-yang imbalance will lead to sub-health and various diseases and, therefore, great importance is attached to regulation. Regulation is the essence of TCM, the central axial line and also the important component of dietary life cultivation. If you hold firm the axial line and have a good understanding of the composition, function and applicability of each product, you can take very good use of life cultivation foods of the three series and gain doubtlessly favorable life cultivation effect.

Is the “Three Principles for Product Development” of Fohow Co. very important?

    Products should have souls and enterprises should have culture. This is as important as that a man should have a belief!

    The “Three Principles for Product Development” are souls for quality products of Fohow Co. All products are developed and manufactured under the guidance of the three principles.

    The “Three Principles for Product Development” include:

  1. Products should have significant efficacy. We do not supply products with insignificant efficacy.
  1. All ingredients in products should be natural. We refuse chemically synthesized drugs and guarantee the safety of our products. Our products are safe for everyday and long-term use.
  1. Formulation of products should be unique and production technology should be advanced. The formulation and production should comply with TCM theories and have independent patent or intellectual property rights so as to ensure core competitive strength of our products in the market.

    Development according to the three principles ensures the efficacy significance, ingredient nature and uniqueness of formulation and production and thus powerful market competitive strength of our products.

    It is just the “Three Principles for Product Development” that make products of Fohow Co. so outstanding and so recognized by people in all walks of life.

Are life cultivation foods of Fohow Co. for disease treatment?

    No. Life cultivation foods are for comprehensive regulation of the human body, not for disease treatment. They are supplied to facilitate yin-yang balance and orderliness of the five elements and help the body to battle against diseases.

Can life cultivation foods necessarily make me healthy and prolong my life?
    Not necessary. Life cultivation foods for regulation, purgation and replenishment can make you healthier and solve many problems. However, dietary life cultivation is only part of the life cultivation theory and cannot solve all the problems.

Can Fohow Life Cultivation Theory necessarily make me healthy and prolong my life?

    Yes. To learn and utilize well the Fohow Life Cultivation Theory can necessarily improve the qulity of life, make your happier, prolong your life span and endow your life with more significance.